Inventory & Order Lead Time (OLT) Info Now Live !

We've just added inventory qty's to all product listings, along with full order lead time information. 

There are a couple of things to be aware of firstly in regards to Inventory Information: 

  1. "Raw Materials" refers to the quantity of raw materials held in stock, available for conversion to finished goods. 
  2. "Finished Goods" refers to ready stock on-hand, and generally applies only to stock items.
  3. Inventory information for each item is updated during order handling and so available qty's displayed on each product should be thought of as current at time of viewing. However, quantities are subject to change without notice when stock is allocated to new orders. Please be mindful of this and remember to include appropriate disclaimers as part of any quotes or delivery assurances given.

Also there are some things to be aware of when it comes to the Order Lead Time (OLT) information: 

Total order lead time can be worked out by summing the duration of all individual Order Lead Time stages applicable to the product and custom branding options you need. However some tasks will overlap, meaning that most orders are generally turned around quicker than the sum of all order processing tasks. Despite this, we would still urge you to use the sum of durations method +/- 1-2 days when planning projects, quoting clients and managing client expectations - all jobs still carry an element of unpredictability, especially in the current environment.

Production queueing refers to the backlog of production jobs in the queue, expressed as a number of days needed to complete all current orders before any new job can be started.

Production capacity refers to max output of goods in the stated period, following order handling, procurement, job setup time and any applicable production queuing time.

This information is provided to assist in reducing administration queries for stock and lead time information. If you're not sure about anything and would like to check, please still reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist. 

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