Sustainability Targets 2019

No one wants to see their brands washed up on beaches, filling our landfills and littering the natural environment. So together with some of our key sales associates, Promotherapy has been working to modernise our product range to reduce this kind of single-use advertising litter and incorporate more sustainable practices into our industry, as part of our new sustainability targets for 2019.

Our aim is to be an industry-leader in sustainability by achieving a better balance between business promotion and the environment. 

So far since February, 2019 we have discontinued a number of environmentally-problematic product lines (catalogue orders are still being fulfilled until our next data update), we've upgraded several other product designs with new, sustainable packaging and ingredients, plus we've continued to add new products to our range which represent low-impact and zero-waste ways to raise awareness for your customers' brands.

2019 Sustainability Targets

    1. Supplier selection and qualification to be guided by strict social and environmentally ethical and quality standards, including ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), trading history, references and social media activity.
    2. All cosmetics and chemicals used in our products to be manufactured, sourced and repackaged in Noosa, using Australian-sourced ingredients.
    3. Incorporate more products into the range with a net-positive impact on the environment - i.e recycled products.
    4. Eliminate unsustainable products, packaging and ingredients from our range and replace with modern, sustainable alternatives.
    5. Eliminate all single-use plastic from our range.
    6. Incorporate more sustainable and environmentally net-positive consumables into our dispatch and warehousing operations.
    7. Conduct in vivo testing of our "reef-friendly" sun & outdoor products to determine official SPF rating for our chemical-free sun and outdoor range.

This list will be updated from time to time with new objectives, and we welcome any and all feedback or ideas from everyone operating in our networks.

Check back regularly to see what we're working on for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020, and feel free to contact us or borrow any of these targets to help build more sustainable practices and products into your own business.