Essential Oils Guide

Our extensive collection of essential oils and absolutes can be used to give a touch of personality and character to our range of cosmetic, bath and body products. There are so many wonderful aspects to essential oils and absolutes, not just for imparting all-natural fragrances into your products, but for the connection they demonstrate with the natural, the spiritual and the organic.

This is our entire inventory of oils and absolutes, so not every item will necessarily be suitable or appropriate for inclusion into your product formulation - we are working on a selection matrix for these which aims to make creating your own blend much more engaging and guided. For now, all selections are assessed by our natural product formulations specialist prior to processing your order. If you'd like to discuss selections prior to ordering - please contact us for a free appraisal.

At Promotherapy, all Essential Oils and Absolutes used in our product formulations are:      

  • 100% pure and natural, cold-pressed and/or steam distilled
  • Sourced from Australian manufacturers, where possible
  • Stored in phthalate-free vessels
  • Are used in proportion to their cost in all product formulations, so that you don't pay any extra charges for the more premium varieties
  • Are used at 50-80% below recommended concentrations in all formulations to impart subtle natural fragrance, while ensuring safety and suitability for all skin-types.
  • All product formulations are assessed by our natural products formulation specialist at proofing stage, prior-to and during formulation as well as post-formulation to ensure product stability, safety and quality. 

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