Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Products Deleted 🚫

Due to concerns of “price gouging”, our web platform provider (Shopify) has deleted all hand sanitiser products from our store until we’ve presented evidence that our pricing is “fair” – this is in accordance with their Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.
Of course, those of you following would already be aware that Promotherapy has made a deliberate point of not changing any of the prices on these products, and thankfully so far there has been no need. We’ve also made a point of urging our associates to limit their sales margin on these products to a realistic and reasonable percentage during this time. 
Regardless, we will not be allocating resources to addressing Shopify’s concerns until later in the month once we’ve got a head-start on our May production schedule. So in the meantime and until this evidence is collated/presented and then manually reviewed by Shopify, we apologise but we can't display information about the hand sanitiser gels on our website or risk termination of our entire store.

Please check back regularly for updates on this issue.

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