Website Pricing now FIXED ✅

Thanks for everyone's patience while we fixed the website issue that caused our pricing to display wrong last week - the issue is now resolved and pricing displayed on the website is correct as of today and until further notice.

There are a few things to be aware of: 

Prices shown in the price tables for logged-in users only changes when you change the custom branding option dropdown (if there is one).

None of the other options (colour, fragrance, etc) affect the prices.

If your table doesn't change when you change the custom branding option, or hasn't updated since last week, it means that your browser cache needs to be cleared - please see here for how to do that: It's because your browser is saving data by not reloading new content - a very small percentage of users may be experiencing this if their browser settings have changed from their defaults.

Lastly, there are no additional or separate setup charges for any of the listed items. You are free to tweak pricing by adding / incorporating setup charges into your own quotes to customers, but for website ease of coding on our side, we have opted to have setup charges worked into the finished per unit pricing, rather than separate.

Freight prices can be calculated from the cart page - it is based on the quantity of each product in your cart and its weight. Freight pricing is the same for all AU Metro areas.  

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