New financial measures effective immediately

In addition to rapidly deploying new internal testing and containment procedures for our staff, Promotherapy has also established the following [temporary] financial measures to safeguard operations as we work to strengthen supply chains in the midst of fluctuating conditions.

We urge our sales associates to be mindful of these new measures when communicating with customers:

Fluctuating market and currency conditions:

To mitigate the risks posed by rapidly changing market conditions, the validity period of wholesale list prices published through our web and other platforms has been reduced to seven (7) days, until further notice. This means that pricing could need to be updated at short notice, in response to rapid changes in the cost of imported items, raw materials and US dollars. We urge all sales associates to consider the current conditions and include appropriate pricing validity terms into all agreements, discussions, quotes and (re)published pricing. This notice should not be construed as a price update announcement. 

Recommended sales margins and good behaviour

Despite growing demand, we urge all sales associates to limit their sales and distribution margin on all personal hygiene products to a maximum of 25% and to not engage in anti-competitive behaviour. Please consider that many of the items we produce locally are supplied into aged care facilities for use by those most at-risk.

Requests for non-essential items prioritised last

From today, all new orders, enquiries and requests for non-essential items will be dealt with only once matters relating to the supply of personal hygiene products have been addressed. We are urging all sales associates to shift their focus to sales and distribution of personal hygiene products during this time and support Australian-made, where possible. Every product manufactured locally helps strengthen our economy, provides local jobs and builds our country’s resilience in times of global shortages.  

Overdue debtors given final notice

Outstanding debtors have been notified that all accounts in arrears 30+ days have been referred to Kearley Lewis Pty Ltd, a division of Lewis Holdway Lawyers for immediate collection action. Should these accounts not be settled within the next seven (7) days, further action will be taken up to and including lodgement of defaults with the courts. We will not be allocating internal resources to phone-calling debtors for further reminders. If you’d like to request a payment arrangement, please contact us immediately to avoid referral. 

All 30 Day EOM trading accounts temporarily suspended

All available financial resources have at this stage been allocated to securing materials needed to build a strong domestic supply of Australian-made personal hygiene products. To that end, we are unable to offer credit terms on any new orders until further notice. We urge sales associates to consider this when dealing with customers.


We apologise for the ongoing delayed response times to queries and ask that you please bear with us as we work thru. We are literally organising everything and providing as much information as possible, as quickly as possible.





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