Our factory is fully booked out until January 2020!

We'd like to thank all of our talented sales associates for sending thru so many projects for us this past few weeks - this time of year is always a busy one for us (sorry if the phone and email service is a bit slow lately!). 

But we love the reassurance that comes with knowing that our style of small-scale manufacturing still has a place in the modern marketplace. And moreover, we're happy to confirm for our colleagues and associates that Australian-made promotional products still play an important role in the sales & marketing plans of so many great Australian brands.

We are however saddened to report now that our factory is fully-booked to capacity, with jobs scheduled right up until our shut-down period beginning after our last day of operations on the 6th December, 2019 up until early January.

If you have any projects requiring delivery before Xmas - please email thru to sales@promotherapy.com.au to confirm whether we can squeeze you in - all orders required before Christmas should be sent thru before the end of this week.


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