Ethanol now under allocation: ongoing availability of hand sanitiser uncertain

Suppliers of Australian-made Ethyl Alcohol / Ethanol (the active ingredient in our anti-bacterial hand sanitiser products) are now under allocation and supplies are limited.

At this stage, we have secured enough material to fulfil orders from stock, up to our May arrivals of containers. Once current stock is depleted, and for any larger orders in excess of current inventories, additional delays may apply.

We are working to maintain a steady ongoing supply of both our containers and constituent ingredients and further announcements will be made as new information is received, please bear with us. 

This delay comes about due to our next (large) delivery of Ethyl Alcohol being rescheduled to end March / early April. It’s unclear yet whether this delivery date may be moved a second time. So until then, Promotherapy will continue advocating for a fair allocation of these materials on behalf of those in our networks and the industries we support. 

We understand that there are projects with crucial deadlines relying on these hand sanitiser products. Please consider these potential delays and advise accordingly when quoting your customers.

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