Service delays, please bear with us :)

We’d like to apologise in advance for any delays in our normal response times to queries and request that you please bear with us as we continue to work thru. New enquiries are being addressed in the order they come into our email – which includes phone enquiries that are sent thru by our answering service. Our primary focus is at this time maintaining our average production lead-time benchmark for orders that are already in our system and this has temporarily taken some resources away from administration.

Since this time last year Promotherapy has been undergoing some internal restructuring and refining of our business model to offer better services to our associates but (at least in the previous few weeks) demand has begun to outpace our ability to address your queries in a timely manner.

Our website has yet to undergo alot of development which aims to make more information available, but it does already contain many of the answers to your most common questions.

If what you need cannot be found, the next fastest way to get in touch with us is to email thru to with as much detail as possible.

Our phone answering service is also taking down details that will enable us to come back to you on. Again, these go into the main pool of enquiries that we are working thru, so it’s not really any faster to call thru than it is to email, unfortunately.

We apologise for these delays. We’ll catch up over the weekend on any outstanding queries that aren’t addressed by end of day today.

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